Pricing and services

If you are a smaller studio/team with a lower budget, don't be afraid to still contact me!  I understand the struggles of starting up a game, business, studio, team, or creative work amidst the competition out there today.  I want to be involved with startup projects as well as larger studio works and am willing to assist lower budgets with negotiable payments.

Voice Work

Raw Audio - Per Word

Raw audio won't be edited or processed and will require skilled production to clean up, equalize, and prepare for use.  As such, it runs a bit cheaper from the pre-cleaned vocals!  I will still remove mistakes/bad lines/long pauses!

Standard (Raw Audio) - $0.10 per word

Processed Audio - Per Word

Processed audio is cleaned up, mastered, edited, split into parts (if requested), and packaged for immediate use without any major audio engineering required.

Deluxe (Processed Audio)  - $0.15 per word

Per Finished Hour Vocals - Audio Books and Long Narrations

Per finished hour audio is paid based on the length of the finished files I send.  I use this rate for long recordings such as audio books where my vocals are used consistently for the duration of the project.  Audio created this way will be fully edited, cleaned, and prepared! (does not include sound effects).

$200 per each finished hour of audio

Full Sound effects production - Add $200 per hour

Live Recording/Directed Sessions

Recording that is conducted in a live session (in person or online) with direction will be charged as an hourly rate based off voice industry standards.

$40.00 per hour of live recording time


Script style dialogue

To Be Determined!

Paragraph/Narrative Style

$0.08 per word

2000 words or more - $0.06 per word

Live/Instructed Writing (Online or In Person)

$50 per hour

Voice and script Combo

Need someone to write the dialogue AND voice the lines?  I'm happy to do both services at a discounted rate from the separate service charges above.

Voice and Script Combo

Regular charges for vocal work and writing with a 10% discount for each charge!

Production work

General production work (video editing, etc.) is currently priced by negotiation.  I will be creating standard pricing for this soon!

Demo reel production

Even if you are a production professional, it helps greatly to have someone else's help when making a demo reel for any sort of creative skill.  Having the extra ears and eyes looking over your work from a different perspective can help give you the BEST demo possible.  Pair these with my training services for the best outcome!

Basic Demo Production*

I will create 5 specific characters/personalities, write a small script for each, edit selected pieces of the recordings into a 1 minute or less demo reel (effects available for no extra charge at your request), and will supply you with the final product - $175.00

Extended Demo Production*

The same services as my the basic demo production, but I will additionally create and script 5 more characters!  We will be able to select sections from all available characters to find the best ones to fit your demo. - $225.00

*Demo production does not include coaching/training.  The client is responsible for providing acceptable recordings/takes.


Recording Area and Equipment Analysis

Your recording environment needs to be well treated and you may want to have specific equipment so you can offer the clearest quality possible in your recordings.  I will analyze your recording environment and offer any suggestions for improvement - $20.00

I am still working on more curriculums for teaching/training, check back later for more!