Voice acting became a passion of mine some years after I got into composing music.  My enjoyment for acting, writing, and narration helped fuel the concept of getting into the voiceover field.  I also have been consistently told from random strangers that I "just have that voice for being a radio host or game show announcer."

Art thoughtfully provided by @SleepyTush  Thanks buddy!

Voice Acting DEMOS and compilations

I'm working on putting a few new compilations together to post here!  Stay tuned!

Character voice acting

Animated and Comedic

Crazy Hermit.mp3

Ned the Nerd.mp3


Villain Cartoon Demo.mp3

Old Time Western Show.mp3


Dramatic and Serious

Happy Memories (Excerpt).mp3

Eternal Ruler 2020.mp3

Insane Antique Shop Owner HQ 2019.mp3

DND Narration (Excerpt).mp3

Synthwave Vocals Example.mp3

Creepy Skin Lover.mp3

Dr. Sprong - Cartoon evil...genius?

Dr Sprong.mp3

Art and Character Design by @SleepyTush

Dr. Sprong is your classic cartoon villain.  He is rather set in his diabolical ways but never seems to complete a single plan thanks to the protagonist's persistent attempts to foil them.  At least, that's what he'd tell you.  More often than not, the Dr.'s plans fall apart because of very minor oversights on his part.  He can manufacture something as high tech as a ray gun...but forgets to close the garage door.


Narration, speeches, and talks

Inner Demons (Excerpt).mp3

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